About Natural Hair

I am a firm believer in a natural in that anything natural is best, so natural hair or natural cures or natural beauty I support fully. At the same time, however, I am a realist and if natural ain’t cutting in then bring on the alternatives.

Dealing with hair has always been a tricky business. Some people have great natural hair, and don’t feel the need to mess with dyes, cuts, or other remedies. If you have great natural hair, hair care is easy and affordable. You might need a good cut every six weeks, and a good shampoo.

For the rest of us, our hair doesn’t cooperate and leaving our natural hair as it is not always an option. When you dye your hair, get a perm, or have it straightened, you still want it to look as much like natural hair as possible…

If you aren’t happy with your natural hair, you can use one of the options above to change your look. Many ladies with straight hair often opt for a perm. These use a chemical to alter the hair. The hair can have any number of different types of curls, and the results can last two to six months, depending on your particular hair.

These are often a great way to keep your look updated and easy to manage. When you perm, however, you have to use more care than if you were just wearing your natural hair.  You may have to deep condition to keep it looking good.

Another option is hair dye. When dying hair, it is often harder to achieve the look of natural hair. Hair by nature is multi-colored. This means that even if you have brown hair, you will find many shades of brown in your tresses. There may be lighter browns, or even reds, present.

This is natural, and can sometimes be the result of exposure to the sun. This is the way natural hair looks, and it is hard to get that with a dye. For the best look, have your hair dyed in a salon. They can often get results as close to natural hair color as possible.

Those with curls may wish to have their hair straightened. This can be done on a day by day basic with the help of a blow dryer or a straightening iron or can be done by chemical, much like a curly perm. To keep hair looking like natural hair, this type of hair needs extra help.

Straightening tends to dry out the hair, and curly hair is dry by nature. You should always use a quality shampoo and conditioner, and deep condition at least once a week. This will help keep your hair healthy, and give it the sheen of natural hair.

So if you don’t have natural hair you can easily get the look and feel of it by applying these magical treatments. Go online now and you will find loads of these magical formulas to transform the way your hair looks.

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