Cuts And Styles For Thick Hair

Looking Presentable

Whether you are preparing for a job interview, getting ready for a date, hanging out with your good friends, or spending time with your loved ones, you must always look your best. Not only should you spend time and place emphasis on the kinds of clothes and accessories you wear, but you must also consider looking presentable. Your hair is your crowning glory, and a good haircut and hairstyle can do wonders for your appearance. It can frame your face perfectly, emphasizing your natural beauty and focusing on your positive assets such as your eyes, jawline, nose, and others.

Different Kinds Of Cuts For Different Kinds Of Hair

The first thing you must consider before you go to your favorite hair stylist to get your hair done is the kind of hair you have. Men and women have different kinds of hair colors, lengths and textures. Hair may be dark, red, or blonde. You may have short, medium length, or long hair. Some hair textures are much thinner or thicker than others. It is important that you acknowledge the kind of hair you have so that you can get the haircut and hairstyle that suits you perfectly.

Cuts For Thicker Hair

If you are blessed with a gorgeous head of hair that has a thick texture, you’ll want to look into getting one of the many haircuts for thick hair that are available. Do not be afraid to take some risks and go for more edgier looks. You can opt for layered haircuts that will emphasize the angles of your face. This will give your thick hair more volume, but it will provide you with so much more attitude and personality. Also, it helps to frame your face as opposed to just having one straight layer of hair.


Thick hair is also ideal for highlights. You can create dimensions with your hair by using different shades of a certain color, whether you’re brunette or blonde. This creates depth in color and makes your hair look amazing especially when it is under a nice light. Highlights can be done on your whole head of hair, or you can choose to color only certain portions that you’d like more emphasized.

What To Avoid

Avoid bob cuts or haircuts that are too short as your thick hair might make it look too puffy. Opt for a bit more length so that the body and volume you are naturally blessed with is featured.

Styling Your Thick Hair

Apart from getting a great haircut, there are lots of hairstyles for thick hair as well! Thick hair is great for braids, because you can create beautiful and intricate braid patterns with the hair you have. For more formal events, you can put your hair up in a french twist for a more classic look. Make the most out of the volume in your hair by curling it for a more dolled-up appearance.

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