Here’s How You May Be Damaging Your Hair

Unfortunately, not all people know how to take care of their hair. In fact, you may be the reason why you have damaged your own hair already. So what’s the secret to a great, beautiful hair aside from genetics? The answer is that it’s how you take care of it.

Understanding your Hair

Your hair is mostly protein; keratin actually, but it’s also tightly bundled fiber composed of layers and protected on the outside with cuticles that makes it shiny and good to look at.

These layers work together to protect your hair from damage; the heat of the sun, the overly cold temperature, humidity, dirt and other natural things. It’s made up to stand for chemicals and other beauty products that you may require for your hair. However, putting a lot of pressure on your hair by using chemicals and altering your hair’s natural beauty can take its toll over time.

So How Exactly do you Damage your Hair?

Our quest for beauty is naturally endless. We like to get our hair styled, gelled, permed, cut and colored to our own desires. But sometimes, that leaves our hair in vain because it damages its outermost protective layer of cuticle. And when the cuticle is gone, our hair is more susceptible to lack of shine, becoming dry, dull and frizzy and even be set into split ends and later on, breakage or falling hair.

Aside from the usual carelessness that we pay no mind to, here are several causes of how you may be damaging your once-beautiful-hair already.

Tight braids and ponytails – may look simple and elegant but having your hair braided too tight can cause damage to your hair roots and cause them to break. Wearing your hair on tight ponytails and having hairstyles in similar fashion may not do your hair good over time. The solution? Let you hair fly free and be more gentle with it by trying on loose hairstyles that is comfortable for you and your hair.

You like to beat the 100 brushes a day – because it seems like a good advice to make your hair shiny and look beautiful and brushing your hair only distributes its natural oils evenly. However, beating your hair with too much brushing only results to breakage and even split ends by causing too much friction. The solution? Brush when you need to and choose a wide-toothed comb to do the job instead of narrow ones. You can use your hands to untangle your hairs too.

Over-styling – may look beautiful, classy and cool but continually bleaching, perming, highlighting, coloring,or straightening your hair with a hair straightener and relaxes may be damaging it more on the long run than making it look beautiful at such a short term. Over-styling only removes your hair’s natural pigment and glow and is actually one of the top reasons why you suffer from a number of hair damages like dullness, split ends, hair breakage, frizzy hair, brittle and dry hair. The solution? Keep your hair healthier by moderate styling. Change hairstyles after a year or more to help your hair repair itself again.

Over-washing and shampooing every day – seems like it’s making your hair cleaner, prettier and shinier. However, it might be the reason why your hair is dried up. Over-washing your hair removes its natural moisture resulting to dry hair. The solution? Use shampoo every other day and don’t overdo washing your hair. The amount of shampoo you used today will still be as good for tomorrow.

Frequently blow drying and ironing your hair – looks cool because you don’t have to spend so much to keep it straight and you don’t need to wait for far too long to have it dry. However, too much heat damages hydrogen bonds in your hair that is responsible for holding it together. The solution? Blow dry your hair only if you need to attend some major event and you have to speed up the process of drying it. If it’s just a normal day, let your hair down and make sure that you wrapped up all the wetness in a towel. Use the heat of the sun instead.

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