Thick, lustrous hair is fantastic. It is, after all, the epitome of beauty and youth. When hair is thick, you appear youthful and healthy. However, even thick hair can present a few problems. It can be difficult to manage, for example, or it can be frizzy and dry.

Long And Thick

Since we are in the subject of thick hair, let’s talk about Nashville’s Connie Britton’s locks. Long, thick, shiny and bouncy, Britton’s hair is one of the best haircuts for thick hair. The slightly layered style cuts the longest tips past shoulder length and the shortest tips at the front just below the chin. To style, use a volumizing spray for more body at the front and top and at the ends. Next, take large sections and curl loosely. Shake out hair and spritz with medium-hold hairspray to set.

Thick And Curly

A few hairstyles for thick hair work especially well for busy, bushy curls. To start, use a medium-length haircut that just touches your shoulder. The length is not as maintenance-heavy as longer cuts but is long enough to be tied back if you want. If you have a thing for bangs, try a side fringe that creates layers in front. To style, apply an anti-frizz product that doubles as a shine enhancer on damp hair and air-dry.

Lengthy And Curly

If you have great texture and lovely curls, eschew the layers and let your hair grow to a single length. If you don’t mind investing time for frequent trims, styling and maintenance, a one-length thick and curly haircut can look great – classic and oh-so-gorgeous. Keep an eye out for dry ends and periodically use a shampoo that eliminates product buildup. Apply a leave-in conditioner on damp hair after each shampoo to keep moisture in. Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle and apply defrizzing products from roots to tips. Avoid blow-drying to prevent hair damage and frizz.

The Short Bob

One of the best hairstyles for thick hair is the short bob. It’s dramatic and is the perfect cut to show off a long, slender neck. Work with your stylist with this cut, however. If the cut is wrong, it leaves little for improvement. This cut also requires some commitment, since you may have to have your cut freshened up every now and then to keep its length and shape. In exchange, you get a low-maintenance hairstyle that is easy to wash and style.

The Retro Bouffant

If you love the 60s look, think about volume and glamor ala Adele. This look works best for straight, mid-length hair that goes past the shoulders. Using a round brush, blow dry your hair. Spritz a volumizing spray at the roots for lift, then part hair in sections and curl the ends using hot rollers. Tease hair at the crown, lift hair at the top of the ears and tie back, creating a puffy top. Allow about 1 1/2 inch wide fringes to frame the face, with the tips ending at just below the ears.

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